Hocapaşa Mah. Ebussuud Caddesi № 2 Gülhane, Sultanahmet, İstanbul

Idylle Hotel will let you relish today in the atmosphere of the cosmopolitan heyday of the imperial seat. Idylle Hotel is located just next to Sultanahmet and Hagia Sophia(Ayasofya) so in the heart of Istanbul. Fashioned in the late 19th century Ottoman/Levant style and equipped with the latest technology.

You may check available rooms by selecting dates from above “Book Now” section. To learn more about Idylle Hotel and its special offers, you may check below.


Starting from $250 night deluxe-room-idylle-hotel-istanbul

And a touch of luxury… Inspired by Ottoman palaces and surrounded with the relaxing sense of turquoise, our deluxe rooms offer an opulent atmosphere.


When luxury meets Ottoman soul… You and your family will be admired thanks to the room’s atmosphere that you’ve never tasted before.


Our single rooms designed to make you feel at home. You will feel quality and comfort at the same time, you’d better believe it!

All you want

Yummy Turkish Breakfast

As known, the breakfast is the wealthiest meal in Turkish cuisine. The correspondence of salty and sweet products has never been that delicious. Idylle Hotel's roof is probably one of the best places to have a delicious and fresh breakfast in Istanbul. The tasty dishes we served and unbelievable view of Istanbul Old City will be admired. We would be honored to welcome you with our qualified team and fast service. The Hotel’s qualified open buffet breakfast is the best way to begin the peaceful new day. You can not refuse a Turkish coffee after the special open buffet breakfast. It sounds great! Isn't it?

7/24 Parking
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Free Wi-Fi


Idylle Hotel is centrally located in the heart of the old city of Istanbul. Within walking distance of 1000-meters-radius lie all the major landmarks and top activities. Taking Idylle Hotel as your compass, you will find in the east Gülhane Park (100 m), Topkapı Palace (500 m), Istanbul Archaeology Museum (500 m), Hagia Irene (700 m) and Sublime Port (800 m); in the south Hagia Sophia (350 m), Basilicia Cistern (400 m), Binbirdirek Cistern (600 m), Blue Mosque (700 m), Obelisk of Theodosius (800 m); in the west Cağaloğlu Bath (400 m), Column of Constantine (800 m), Çemberlitaş Bath (800 m), Grand Bazaar (1000 m); and in the north Museum of Islamic History of Science and Technology (150 m), Historical Sirkeci Terminal (400 m), Spice Bazaar (900 m), Column of Goths (1000 m), Sepetçiler Kiosk (1000 m). You will also find down the street the shopping and dining hub of the neighbourhood.

Istanbul is a large city spanning over three peninsulas and two continents. Idylle Hotel is very conveniently located for transportation. The Hotel is adjacent to the Gülhane Tram Station on 20-kilometre-long T1 line which is inter-connected with the metropolitan transportation network. The hotel is only two stations away from Pera peninsula (Karaköy Station, 1600 m). Also in the walking distance is Eminönü Pier (700 m) where trade-mark ferries of Istanbul will take you to a delightful trip throughout the Bosphorus. For your trips to Asian Side, you can go to Sirkeci Station (400 m) and take Marmaray, and switch continents virtually in ten minutes. Finally, the hotel is also situated on the route of Big Bus Istanbul Sightseeing Tours and privileged to be an exclusive hop-on hop-off stop for our guests only.

Special Offers of Idylle Hotel

Idylle hotel is built 2 years ago in the heart of Istanbul and we built many partnerships with local businesses around Sultanahmet and Hagia Sophia in time. We are excited to share our facilities with you to make your Istanbul experience more affordable. You may see below, what we offer to our guests besides Idylle Hotel’s comfort and customer-oriented service:

Hop-On Gift Shop | Ideal hand-picked gifts for everyone


If you need to find something original, unusual or unique for that special friend, family member or workmate in your life – the kind of gift that nobody else will have thought of – that’s precisely what Hop-On Gift Shop offer.

Hop-On Gift Shop is just next to Idylle Hotel, 5 minutes walk to the Hagia Sophia and just across Gulhane Park Tram station.

We give %10 discount to use in Hop-On Gift Shop for every single Idylle Hotel guest. You will like to get gifts for your loved ones in your home country and we are sure that gifts from Hop-On Gift Shop will make them surprised and happy!

Subway Hagia Sophia | Eat Fresh & Refresh


Subway, fast-food restaurant chain specializing in submarine sandwiches. In 2002 it became the largest fast-food chain in the United States, measured by number of outlets. The most influential Subway store of Istanbul awaits you at the entrance floor of Idylle Hotel.

You are going to get a %20 discount in Subway Hagia Sophia as an Idylle Hotel guest. With a new expansion in place to cater for large functions, and an eager attitude by management to continually maintain standards, Subway Hagia Sophia welcomes you to experience the best sandwiches of Istanbul.

Yourist | Only one Istanbul guide you need in your pocket


Yourist is the only multi-channel activity platform for Istanbul and offers dozens of handpicked experiences in the most secure & complete way. You can download Yourist app (Available on IOS and Android) and see most preferred activities & attractions going on in Istanbul.

Once you make your reservation for Idylle Hotel, your %20 percent of discount will wait for you at the reception! Then you are good to go explore Istanbul with great offers!

How can I get the discount coupons/codes?
  1. Check available rooms for your preferred time on the Idylle Hotel website.
  2. Complete the reservation.
  3. While check-in, mention that you completed your booking via the Idylle Hotel website to the receptionist.
  4. Once the receptionist confirms that your booking has been done in idyllehotel.com, you will receive a physical coupon for Hop-On Gift Shop & Mirage Lounge. Besides that, he will provide you a discount code for you to use in Yourist app.
  5. You just started to save your budget in Istanbul while exploring it!